Airbrush Kompressor IWATA IS-850 Smart Jet

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IWATA IS-850 Smart Jet
Featuring Iwata’s Smart Jet Technology, the Smart Jet compressor is perfect for the occasional and professional artist doing general airbrush applications. It’s powerful, compact, reliable and quiet.
- Zero maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
- Extra hose for enhanced moisture seperation
- Moisture filter also prevents pulsation
- Pressure-regulation screw, water seperator & air pressure gauge
- High-strength polyurethane hose fits Iwata airbrushes
- On/off switch
- Built-in airbrush holder
Technical Specifications:
Motor: 90 W
Max. Pressure: 2.4 bar / 35 PSI
Suction capacity: 18 l/min
Noise level: 50 dB(A)
Weight: 3.8 kg
Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 16 cm
3 m air hose
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